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"This implant is what establishes a hidden encrypted channel to the attackers' server from memory, thus making it fileless. This does not rule out the possibility of installing additional malware through this channel to gather specific information of interest," said Sherstobitoff.

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During the course of the investigation, researchers discovered a cached Apache server log which showed an IP address from South Korea connecting to the specific URL paths contained in the PowerShell implants, indicating that the intended targets were likely to have been infected.

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Further investigation revealed the IP address from the PowerShell implant was connected to an anonymous domain provider based in Costa Rica, with the attacker using this domain to link up to the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which the attacker has somehow managed to use parts of to carry out the attack.

Researchers are uncertain how many have been infected by the attack, but the campaign is thought to have targeted a wide range of South Korean organisations in the run up to the Winter Olympics. In similar campaigns in the past, victims were targeted for their passwords and financial information.

The phishing document was created on December 22, but rather than containing macros, it uses OLE (Objective Linking and Embedding) streams to carry out the attack. The document has been created by the same author, 'John', who created the malicious PowerShell script.

However, despite some evidence about how the attacks took place, researchers haven't been able to identify the perpetrator -- but they do note that whoever is behind the campaign must be fluent in the Korean language and the motive is to gather intelligence about organisations involved in the South Korea-hosted Winter Olympics.

"Technical details alone are often not enough to determine attribution. We are able to ascertain that the attackers have been trained in Korean language to ensure that the targets open the attachment, and the objective seems to be to gather information on the planning, direction and infrastructure related to the Olympics," said Sherstobitoff.

Researchers warn that in the run up to the Winter Olympics, attackers will continue to use the event Discount Very Cheap Perfect Filmore Double Monk Strap Shoes in Black Mens Size 10 Reiss Buy Cheap The Cheapest 100% Authentic Fashionable nhzlapu

To avoid falling victim to such attacks -- including fileless malware distributed as part of Operation Powershell Olympics -- organisations should educate their employees to be mindful of suspicious emails and unexpected attachments.

Intel 5G platform to power 2018 Winter Olympics network

Difference Incorporated, Volume 2

Jodi Melamed is assistant professor of English and Africana Studies at Marquette University.

A brilliant correction to both Weber and Winant, demonstrates how ‘the control over the means of rationality’ characterizes post-World War II US liberal racial orders. Working against the grain of change-as-progress, Jodi Melamed painstakingly demonstrates how official anti-racism has steadied, rather than dissolved, race as a structuring force of capitalism.

Ruth Wilson Gilmore, author of

Melamed . . . offers a powerful revisionary account of racial discourse, literature, and politics since WW II. Melamed's important polemic deserves a wide audience.

is an extremely generative book, and the analytical framework it suggests could be taken up by a wide variety of fields.

She offers exceptionally challenging and hopeful readings...Remarkable.



Introduction: Producing Discourses of Certainty with Official Antiracisms 1. Killing Sympathies: Racial Liberalism and Race Novels 2. Counterinsurgent Canon Wars and Surviving Liberal Multiculturalism 3. Making Global Citizens: Neoliberal Multiculturalism and Literary Value 4. Difference as Strategy in International Indigenous Peoples' Movements Epilogue: Rematerializing Antiracism

Acknowledgments Notes Bibliography Index

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Library Cloth


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About This Book

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Queer Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Decolonization Explores the intimate relationship of non-Native and Native sexual politics in the United States
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Women of Color Feminism and the Culture of Immigrant Labor An incisive and far-reaching account of how race and gender reveal the fissures of capitalist society
The Amalgamation Waltz Race, Performance, and the Ruses of Memory Does racial hybridity offer a future beyond racial difference?
Urban Triage Race and the Fictions of Multiculturalism Assesses fictional representations of racial conflict, cooperation, and complicity amid the urban crisis of the 1980s
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Regulating Black Intimacy Respectability, intimacy, and sexuality in African American women’s narratives
Aberrations in Black Toward a Queer of Color Critique A hard-hitting look at the regulation of sexual difference and its role in circumscribing African American culture

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